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Rustic Yet Refined Jewelry Designs

Designer copper jewelry, unique gemstone rings and copper cuff bracelets are a specialty of Alene Geed, Designer and owner of Alene's Adornments.  Shop here for unique copper jewelry, gemstone rings for women, copper cuff bracelets, a pair of handcrafted copper earrings, edgy, unique gemstone rings and many handmade copper jewelry designs. Read the artist's informative articles "Copper and Gemstone Rings" and "Handcrafted Copper Bracelets".

Surprise the woman in your life with one of these designs.

Alene's Signature Design - Sprinkled Silver - is a marriage of Copper and Sterling metals. The end result is stunning.  Alene's designs are created in collections. Dare to Dream and Sacred Spiral are just two of the collections currently offered. Check in often to see what is new.

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Alene’s Adornments handmade artisan jewelry connects the raw and rustic with the refined  to create artistic and unusual unique designs. They speak to women who wish to express their individuality through the handcrafted jewelry they choose to wear. If you are drawn to these designs, we invite you to become a collector.

Rustic Yet Refined Jewelry Design

Alene is an Arizona artisan jewelry designer who loves getting her hands on metal. Early on in her career, she became enchanted with the way copper and silver can be softened, shaped, textured and formed. The best part is when the vision for a design comes full circle and finds a home in one of Alene’s Adornments unique jewelry collections.

Jewelry is one of the remaining things that are kept in families; sometimes for generations. Don’t you love the concept that one of these collectable designs you wear, such as copper cuff bracelets or unique gemstone rings can also be worn and cherished by your daughter, your granddaughter, and beyond into the next century.

What’s so special about designing in collections? When you see artisan jewelry for sale and purchase a pendant from Alene’s Adornments, don’t you want to wear it at the next opportunity to show off your new bauble? Now the dilemma. What will you wear with the pendant? Do you have earrings that will complement the design? What about a handmade copper ring, or a copper cuff bracelet? Problem solved. Each of these handmade jewelry designs offers a complementary piece for purchase (see copper bracelets for sale).

The Sacred Spiral has become the most popular and enduring collection. The spiral is an ancient symbol representing growth and evolution. Just as the spiral starts small and expands to infinity, so does every kind act we perform. Next time you hold the door open for someone or smile at a stranger, you have enhanced their day and given them the inspiration to be kind to another... and so on. This kindness creates infinite ripples of joy. Carry this message in your heart every time you wear one of these artisan designs. ‘Because Kindness Matters’

Another step in the creative journey for Alene Geed took the form of a book. Wanting to share her journey into passion, Alene wrote Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer. It chronicles her path; the joys and the challenges along the way. The reader will also find a blueprint for his or her own creative journey to a passionate life.