The Artist

Alene Geed

Where do I start?  I am addicted to creating jewelry designs.

I am an adventurous woman who uses high contrast, texture and earth-tones to create feminine, artsy designs with a Southwestern influence.  My pieces are designed to finish off an overall ‘look’ … and draw compliments! Jewelry design meandered into my life gradually. My first designs used memory wire to create bracelets. The multiple coils were fun to experiment with… and I loved wearing the finished designs.  Then I began seeing other possibilities and designs that I just HAD to unleash. I took classes and absorbed every bit of knowledge possible. I started with the basics in wire wrap and morphed into more advanced metal work.

At this point I knew I had found my passion. Working with copper and silver hooked me completely. There was no turning back now! Gems and metal are a permanent part of my existence. Design Ideas are everywhere. My niece once asked how I came up with all the new designs. I thought about that and answered. “The Ideas keep coming and literally will not stop”

My head spins sometimes thinking of all the possibilities.

My book, Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer chronicles my journey into passion and creativity. The book is a labor of love.. and in itself another emotional journey for me. I work on my creations in my Arizona Studio.

Each design and collection is a limited edition . And since each piece within the collection is handcrafted, the individual pieces are truly one of a kind. I work on my creations in my Arizona studio.
Feel Inspired Today; Wear a Work of Art.

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