Artisan Jewelry

artisan jewelry

The word artisan originates from the Italian word artigiano, which means a person who is trained in arts and crafts. Artisan jewelry is custom made by a highly skilled craftsman.

hand made artisan jewelry

Artisan jewelry is known to have existed as far back as 7000 BCE. These first handcrafted ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings were made of gold and copper. They were often sculpted to depict human and animal forms. Today handmade artisan jewelry is made of metals, gemstones, beads and many other materials. Every piece of handmade jewelry looks and feels unique.

handcrafted artisan jewelry

As a result of this uniqueness, custom handmade jewelry pieces can have a high price and a high monetary value. The price not only reflects the individuality of each piece, but it also shows the high quality of the materials that are used to make each item. The best materials combined with the distinctive look of handcrafted artisan jewelry pieces have even landed some items in museum exhibits around the world.

artisan jewelry for sale

Artisan jewelry is not just unique, it is durable and strong. It is ideal to wear for any occasion. This makes artisan jewelry for sale a lasting and beautiful investment.

artisan copper jewelry

I love working with Copper (which is native to my home state of Arizona), sterling silver and selected gemstones. Of course Turquoise is one of my favorites. Some of the finest turquoise in the world is found right here in Arizona. Artisan copper jewelry produces beautiful gifts!

artisan jewelry designers

Artisan jewelry designers have education, experience and many times come from a family of artists; this all produces the quality, value and beauty of their product.

Buying from an artisan jewelry designer supports their gift to us of art and love for the craft.


Tips for Buying from an Artisan Jewelry Designer

Do you love jewelry created lovingly by an artisan? Are you one who visits all the jewelry booths at a Arts Festival? Or one who scours the internet looking for something just a little bit different than the retail stores offer?ArtFest image for blog

That makes me very happy.  Especially since I AM an artisan jewelry designer!  But before I started creating my own designs I was right in the thick of it looking for treasures for my wardrobe.

During that time I discovered some tips that may help you as well.

1) Does the design/piece SPEAK to you? Did you feel like it just jumped out and picked you? If you have had this happen then you know this experience is not as silly as it sounds. Over the years I have had this happen at least twice. I was attending an artisan festival in Arizona. A pair of earrings I spotted were dying to be worn by me. They were MINE. I still have that pair; still love them; and remember the exact festival where I purchased them.

2) Do yoclasps imageu like the clasps or earwires? I have always been partial to LARGE clasps that my fingers can work easily. That’s why my artisan designs are all about ‘BIG’. IF these are earrings, then what is your preference? Earwire, French earwire, or post?  This could be a determining factor in your decision when buying from an artisan jewelry designer.

3) What are the components? If the piece is silver, be sure it specifies STERLING Silver (which is 92.5% silver) or FINE Silver (99.9% silver, usually seen with heavier designs since it tends to be softer). If it mentions ‘silvertone’ or silver plate, this is at best a coating of silver over a base metal.  And if you happen to be allergic to nickel ; a common allergy, then this will not be a good fit for you.

4) Is the artsian jewelry designer reputable? Have they been around for a few years? or is their first Rodeo? Just google the Jewelry company or designer’s name to see what you can discover. Of course there are terrific artisans entering the field every day. So just use this search as a guideline.

5) Don’t second guess your decision to buy. Refer to #1 again. If this piece SPEAKS to you.. then BUY IT now. About 20 years ago I was at an art festival with my husband. I spotted a pair of earrings that I liked and that were in my price range. I hesitated, stating that I really didn’t NEED these anyway. My husband said sometalene march 09hing to me that stuck with me. He said ‘ “If you like this, buy it now. You may never have the chance again” I use this little bit of advice all the time now.  Keep in mind too, that artisan jewelry is most often ONE-OF-A-KIND or Limited Edition. Take a riskLeap forward and Enjoy your new piece of hand made Jewelry!

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An Inside Peek… How I create my Designs



Did you ever wonder how a design is born? Is there some secret to the way artists create and conceive their jewelry designs?

turquoise pendant finished

I suspect every artist has their own unique process.. After all by definition we think outside the box mostly and are constantly morphing with some new concept or idea.

Many start with a sketch or drawing. I for one am challenged in that regard. My sketches tend to look like stick figures and don’t look at ALL like what I am envisioning! 

I like to start with a gemstone or metal design and work around that. So here is my proceturquoise cabachonss for this handmade turquoise pendant.

I purchased an amazing turquoise gem and decided to make it the focal point of my new pendant.  Here is the original stone.

I knew I wanted to encase this in Silver, so created the bezel as shown.This particular bezel features a scalloped design.. which I feel enhances the stone so much.

The next step was to create the backing. I forged (hammered) the design into stturquoise original designerling silver and soldered the scalloped bezel to it. Then came the creative steps. First I drew a potential shape onto the silver.  I use sharpies for this since they will dissolve once I apply heat.

Then I thouturquoise 2nd revisionght that adding a smaller turquoise stone onto the bail (the part that attaches the piece to the chain).  this seemed like a good option but it felt that something was still not right.

The piece felt bulky and did not have enough pizazz for me. 

So I changed the entire design AGAIN! I scrapped the idea of the smaller stone, trimmed down the whole silver casing.. and then had the bright idea to add a glitzy CZ gemstone! See top of blog for the finished design.

I LOVE it! 

Such is the evolution of a handcrafted artisan design.. (at least ones by Alene’s Adornments)

NEW! ‘Dare to Dream’ Jewelry Collection

Here we go again.. Another new handmade artisan jewelry collection!

The ideas and designs ooze out of me and there is no stopping the flow.

This latest collection embodies all that I stand for as an artisan jewelry designer.

Dare To Dream Pendant
Copper and Sterling Pendant
Dare to Dream is the collection that represents our desire to dream and our wish to allow our  dreams to permeate our existence, grow, expand, morph into even bigger dreams and become reality.
My very first experiment (after taking several classes) was one involving fusing metals to create a design. I got the idea from one of the books I found early on.  Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry by Mark Lareau.  FYI, this is a great beginners book for those interested in metals.
He suggested fusing several scraps of sterling onto a backing. I tried this and created my very own Picasso-esk piece.  Cool!  
This process has become a mainstay in my design process… I experiment constantly and am always amazed at the twists and turns the piece takes before the final artisan jewelry design is ready.
Every design is a handmade artisan jewelry limited Edition of ONE. 
Dare To Dream Sterling CZ closeup
Sterling and CZ Pendant
The fusing process is like our dreams… it starts with a concept (in this case my idea for the piece) and then it takes its own leap into the final design; one that I could not have imagined or predicted!
Fusing involves lots of HEAT in order to bring the metal to almost melting point. … Just like the path towards our dreams. We may experience ‘heat’ or obstacles along the way and yet our desire pushes us ahead.

Wear your selection as a reminder to Dream Big and Take the Leap forward!

Copper, Sterling and Vinegar/Ammonia Patina
Copper, Sterling and Vinegar/Ammonia Patina

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean” Christopher Reeve

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Sacred Spiral; Your Connection to the infinite

Are you as fascinated by Spirals as I am? 

Amethyst Sacred Spiral Earrings

A Spiral starts as a smaller tight circle expanding quickly to infinity.

The spiral is an ancient symbol representing growth and evolution. It has been found in cave carvings, shells and the Milky Way. Skipping a stone on the water creates a spiral too.

Each of our actions: a quick smile to a stranger, holding the door for someone, a kind word to a friend, seems like a small gesture but the ripples of joy it causes is infinite.

Sacred Spiral Antiqued VIG

 My Sacred Spiral Designs started from this basic concept. We are all in this life together. Let’s take the time to appreciate our fellow travelers and realize that our smallest actions affect others. We may not see the results instantly but the seed has been planted nonetheless.

I am having fun creating these artisan jewelry designs. Each one features …a spiral!!

Some are created using pure copper, others with sterling silver. Many have added gemstones. Ideas and possibilities are endless.I have experimented with using both copper and sterling in the same design and LOVE the results of the artisan copper jewelry.

Sacred Spiral designs and other artisan jewelry for sale are available at Alene’s Adornments.

Sacred Spiral Jewelry Collection
Because Kindness Matters
By Alene’s Adornments

I created this collection for two reasons. First of all, I am drawn to spiral images. Secondly I wanted to create a design that reminds us to be kind…always.

A spiral starts as a smaller, tight circle expanding quickly to infinity.

First a little history:

The spiral is an ancient symbol representing growth and evolution. It has been found in cave carvings, shells and even the Milky Way. The spiral symbol is caved into a rock in County Meath, Ireland. It is said to have been carved in 3200BC. More than 1400 petroglyphs (rock carvings) in Guanajuato, Mexico depict spirals. Spirals can also be found in the Nazca coastal desert of Peru, dating from 200 BC to 500 AD. These carvings by artisans number in the thousands.

Each time we offer a kind word to the clerk in the grocery store or coffee shop, we help make their day a little brighter. This person will be encouraged to be kinder to the next person they encounter; kinder to their spouse, child, parent or boss.

Hold the door for someone, buy coffee for the next person in line, send a happy face emoji email to a coworker or friend. All of these small acts create ripples of joy that expand into our universe and create even more joy.

Kindness is what I want to be foremost in your mind when you wear an artisan jewelry design from my Sacred Spiral collection.